What is a Planned Unit Development (PUD)?

Some people prefer to live in a planned community with certain exterior areas maintained, ie: driveways, snow removal, possible amenities such as pool, playground, etc., but still maintain a “single family home” lifestyle. These homes are usually referred to as Planned Unit Developments or PUDs. They are not technically condominiums but do share some important similarities with them.
A PUD owner retains fee simple ownership of the building and land as shown on its plat map while paying dues for the upkeep of the shared common areas much like in a condominium. Owners of a PUD are responsible for the exterior
maintenance of their homes such as painting, window replacement and roof repair to name a few. Generally, there are rules and regulations (CC & Rs) that govern the look, color scheme, roofing materials, etc., to give a uniform appearance to the complex. Each homeowner is also a voting member in the non-profit corporation that oversees the common areas.